Welcome to Columbia

Welcome to Columbia!

On this page you will find some helpful links to get you acquainted with the city.

Learn About Columbia

Here are some great websites to find out more about the city:

Area Parks

Columbia has numerous  parks to explore. Check these out:

Local Dining

We have some amazing local restaurants here that are in the running for the best in the Midwest.


If you are looking for a Church, we would love to have you come and check out Christian Fellowship. To help you learn more about us, please check out the christian fellowship website.

We believe that church membership and involvement is crucial to your walk as a Christian. In fact, we so much want you to find a great church home in Columbia, that if Christian Fellowship isn’t what you are looking for, we encourage you to keep looking! Columbia is filled with an amazing variety of many great churches. There’s a great list at churchangel.com